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A simple, practical, biblical, helpful, and personal tool for disciples of Jesus who want to make disciples of Jesus.

Multiply Gatherings - Full multiply movement talks by Francis Chan and David Platt encouraging people to be apart of the movement.

Video Wall - clips form the multiply video wall

Bible reading plan (pdf 355kb, docx 99kb) - YouVersion has a reading plan that complements each session, and I have listed them in a document for easy reference.

Session notes in Evernote - These are the notes I used during the sessions I walked another person through the material. They pretty much contain the session questions and the ESV text of the passages to look up.

Blog article - My review of the multiply material with a quick one or two line summary of each session.

This whole site (2.5mb zip) - This is the site you are looking at. You will have to unzip it onto a webserver somewhere. For example say you unzip the folder into htdocs/multiply, to configure the site goto yoursite/multiply/admin and log in using the username: admin and password: password (all lower case). On the settings page adjust the website url and change your password (and any other settings). There are also a few other themes you might like to try. Both Skeleton and ElegantResponsive0.1 are mobile friendly. You will need to adjust each page's tempate in page options if you change themes as this current theme has a custom template that do not apply to other themes.

Android app on Google Playmobile multiply android app - If you have an android phone you can run this app instead which has the mutiply content on it and does not need a data connection (unless you want to download the pdf's, audio or videos).

All content has been taken from the multiply movement site. A big thanks to those guys for uploading all their content for free.

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